Alison Duncan Kerr


Dr Alison Duncan Kerr is a philosopher at the University of St Andrews, and a member of both Arché and CEPPA.

And, she is the founding Director of the St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies (StAIGS). StAIGS is a newly (Autumn 2018) licensed institute at the university. It has over 100 staff/faculty members from more than 20 departments.

Alison got her BA from Smith College, an MA from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, and a PhD from The Ohio State University.


While I have a wide range of interests in philosophy, my areas of specialization are in: philosophy of mind, moral psychology, metaethics, and gender. I have a particular interest in the emotions, how they can count as rational, and how they contribute to one’s rationality.


I really enjoy teaching and I have extensive teaching experience in a diverse range of classroom settings. I have taught introductory courses, upper-level courses, honours courses, courses with mostly majors, courses that satisfy general education requirements, courses with a small number of students, lecture courses with an other assigned grader, classes that meet during the day, and evening classes. (Please be in touch if you would like a sample syllabi.) I have also advised honours theses and advise PhD students.


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Department of Philosophy
University of St Andrews
The Scores
St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AR


Alison Duncan Kerr